“Canada’s Business Investment Climate Fails to Meet Expectations, According to Globe CEO Survey”


“Canada’s Business Investment Climate Fails to Meet Expectations, According to Globe CEO Survey”

Canada’s Business Investment Climate Fails to Meet Expectations, According to Globe CEO Survey

A recent survey conducted by the Globe and Mail reveals some disappointing news about Canada’s business investment climate. The survey polled various CEOs across the country and found that more than half of them believe Canada’s climate is falling behind when it comes to attracting foreign investment.

Some of the contributing factors include stringent regulations, challenges in acquiring necessary approvals and permits, high taxes, and fees.

Let’s dig deeper into the findings of this survey and what they could mean for Canada’s economic future.

What is the Globe CEO Survey?

The Globe CEO survey is a biennial poll that measures the opinions of Canadian business leaders on various topics related to the economy. This year, the survey reached out to 161 CEOs from across Canada, who represent a variety of industries.

One of the key takeaways from this year’s survey is that many CEOs feel that Canada isn’t doing enough to attract foreign investment. In fact, 55 percent of respondents said that Canada’s investment climate is worse than that of other countries.

Why is this a problem?

Foreign investment is crucial to Canada’s economic growth. It brings in new capital, creates job opportunities, and helps businesses expand their operations.

However, if Canada is perceived as an unattractive place for foreign investment, businesses may choose to invest elsewhere. This could have a negative impact on the country’s economic growth and job prospects for Canadians.

What needs to be done?

The findings of the Globe CEO survey suggest that Canada needs to take action to improve its business investment climate. Some possible solutions include streamlining regulations and approval processes, lowering taxes and fees, and providing incentives for foreign investors.

In addition, Canadian businesses could also benefit from investing more in research and development, as well as innovation. By developing new technologies and products, Canadian businesses could become more attractive to foreign investors.


The results of the Globe CEO survey may be concerning for Canadians, but it’s important to remember that there are steps that can be taken to improve Canada’s investment climate. By working to streamline regulations, lower taxes, and invest in innovation, Canada can attract more foreign investment, which will ultimately benefit the country’s economy and its citizens.

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Summary: A recent survey found that more than half of Canadian CEOs believe Canada’s business investment climate is falling behind. The reasons cited include stringent regulations, high taxes, and fees. This could have a negative impact on Canada’s economic future, as foreign investment is crucial for growth. To improve the investment climate, Canada needs to streamline regulations, lower costs, and invest in innovation. #NEWS

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