Drew Barrymore’s Unexpected Request to Steven Spielberg on the Set of ‘E.T.’

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s Unexpected Request to Steven Spielberg on the Set of ‘E.T.’

Drew Barrymore’s Unexpected Request to Steven Spielberg on the Set of ‘E.T.’

The Iconic 1982 Film and Drew Barrymore’s Early Career

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is one of the most iconic and beloved films of all time. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie tells the heartwarming story of a young boy and an alien who become friends and go on an adventure together. One of the movie’s breakout stars was a young Drew Barrymore, who played Gertie, the little sister of the main character, Elliott.

For Barrymore, E.T. was not only a critical and commercial success, but it was also the starting point for her career in the entertainment industry. After the film’s release, she continued acting and eventually became one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, earning critical acclaim and several awards.

Berry More’s Request to Spielberg

Despite her young age and relative inexperience, Barrymore had a strong sense of what she wanted and was not afraid to ask for it. On the set of E.T., she made an unexpected request to Spielberg during the filming of one of the movie’s most famous scenes.

In the scene, Elliott and Gertie are riding their bikes and fleeing from the police, with E.T. in the basket of Elliott’s bike. The scene required Barrymore to cry, but despite her best efforts, she found it difficult to produce tears on command.

As a solution, she approached Spielberg and asked him to help her emotion in the scene. Spielberg, who was impressed by Barrymore’s boldness, took a hands-on approach and had a crew member tickle the young actress off-camera to make her laugh, and then film the scene with her tears still in place.

Berry More’s Request Significance

Looking back, Barrymore’s request to Spielberg speaks to her natural talent and determination as an actress, even at a young age. Her willingness to speak up and ask for help on set set the standard for her work in the industry.

It also illustrates the collaborative nature of filmmaking and the importance of communication and problem-solving in the creative process. By working together and finding a solution to this problem, Spielberg and Barrymore were able to create a powerful and memorable scene that continues to resonate with audiences today.

The Legacy of E.T. and Drew Barrymore

Now, nearly 40 years after E.T.’s release, the film continues to stand the test of time and remains a favorite of audiences both young and old. Drew Barrymore has gone on to have a successful career as an actress, producer, and director, and she has credited E.T. as the movie that “saved her life”.

From her unexpected request to Spielberg on the set of the film to her continued success in the industry, Barrymore’s talent, persistence, and strong sense of self continue to inspire and motivate others.

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Drew Barrymore, who played Gertie in the iconic 1982 film E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, made an unexpected request to director Steven Spielberg on the set. The young actress asked for help when it came to crying in a scene, to which Spielberg had a crew member tickle her off-camera and film the scene with tears still in place. This request speaks to the importance of communication and problem-solving in the creative process, and Barrymore’s determination and talent as an actress. The collaboration between Spielberg and Barrymore has resulted in a timeless film that continues to inspire audiences, and Barrymore’s continued success in the industry is a testament to her persistence and strong sense of self. #ENTERTAINMENT

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