“Enhance Your XC Bike’s Performance with Cervélo’s LinkLock Lockout for Short Track Racing”

"Enhance Your XC Bike
"Enhance Your XC Bike

“Enhance Your XC Bike’s Performance with Cervélo’s LinkLock Lockout for Short Track Racing”

Enhance Your XC Bike’s Performance with Cervélo’s LinkLock Lockout for Short Track Racing

As a cross-country (XC) bike rider, you know that every ounce of performance you can squeeze out of your ride matters, especially if you are into short track racing. This is where you need every advantage you can get to stay ahead of the pack. One of the best upgrades you can make to your bike is installing Cervélo’s LinkLock Lockout system. This innovative product enhances your XC bike’s traction, stability, and control, making it ideal for short track racing.

What is Cervélo’s LinkLock Lockout?

Cervélo’s LinkLock Lockout is a patented system that allows XC bike riders to lock and unlock their suspension with the flick of a lever. This feature is handy for situations where riders need more stability and control than the suspension can provide, such as short track racing. The system works by disengaging the suspension links, converting the bike into a more rigid platform that enhances its ability to transfer power to the ground.

Why You Need LinkLock Lockout for Short Track Racing

Short track racing is an exciting, high-speed, and technically demanding discipline of XC bike racing. The courses are typically between 1 and 2 kilometers long, with tight turns, steep climbs, and sharp descents. The key to winning in short track races is maintaining speed, maintaining momentum, and being able to change direction quickly. A suspension-equipped bike is helpful for absorbing the bumps and jumps, but it can also be a liability if not adequately adjusted for short track racing. With LinkLock Lockout, you can instantly transform your bike from a suspension-equipped ride to a race-ready machine in seconds.

Advantages of Using LinkLock Lockout for Short Track Racing

1. More Traction: With the suspension locked out, your bike’s tires grip the ground better, providing better traction for cornering, climbing, and accelerating.

2. Better Control: A suspension-equipped bike is not always predictable, especially on bumpy or technical terrain. With LinkLock Lockout, you have better control over your bike, allowing you to take sharper corners and make quicker adjustments when needed.

3. More Stability: On a suspension-equipped bike, the suspension moves independently from the rest of the bike, creating a wobbly feel that can be unnerving. With LinkLock Lockout, the bike’s frame and front and rear wheel work together as a single unit, providing more stability, especially on uneven or rough terrain.

4. Faster Speeds: With better traction, control, and stability, you can maintain faster speeds for more extended periods, giving you an advantage over the competition.


Cervélo’s LinkLock Lockout is a game-changer for XC bike riders looking to take their short track racing to the next level. With its ability to enhance your bike’s traction, control, stability, and speed, this patented system is a must-have upgrade for serious riders. Whether you are a seasoned racer or a newbie looking to improve your skills, LinkLock Lockout will make a noticeable difference in your performance on the racecourse. So, get your hands on this fantastic product and start winning!

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