“Football Legends Fly High in Turkish Airlines’ UEFA Champions League Film”

"Football Legends Fly High in Turkish Airlines
"Football Legends Fly High in Turkish Airlines

“Football Legends Fly High in Turkish Airlines’ UEFA Champions League Film”

Football Legends Fly High in Turkish Airlines’ UEFA Champions League Film

Turkish Airlines, the official airline partner of the UEFA Champions League, has created a new film featuring football legends flying high above the clouds. The film draws inspiration from the famous ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, featuring several legendary footballers of the past and present in a mesmerizing pose that will take your breath away.

The Film and What You Can Expect

In Turkish Airlines’ latest film, football legends Lionel Messi, Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o, and Fabio Cannavaro, among others, take on a different role soaring in the skies above the clouds. The film is titled “The Art of Flying” and has been created by the advertising agency BBDO Istanbul, in partnership with Turkish Airlines.

The film opens with the footballers appearing as if they are diving from a plane, as they pose upside down. The film then shows the footballers gradually making their way up towards the sky until they reach a point where they are suspended gracefully in mid-air, in various poses that suggest they are taking flight.

The film drops hints of religious symbolism throughout – notably featuring the iconic Michelangelo mural “The Creation of Adam.” The film’s aerial shots and swift camera movements create moments that will make your eyes widen, and when it ends, you will be left satisfied.

What Does the Film Mean?

The film’s idea is to inspire the footballing world, as well as the general public, and to show that regardless of whether you are up in the clouds or down on the pitch, the passion and dedication will help you fly high. The film also showcases Turkish Airlines’ unmatched service, fleet, and hospitality that are always in sync with the footballing world.

This film can be watched on YouTube or screened on Turkish Airlines flights. The stunning aerial shots, edgy movements, and remarkable positioning will take you on a journey that you will never forget.


In conclusion, Turkish Airlines’ latest cinematic creation featuring iconic football figures is an absolute masterpiece. It shows footballers as warrior-like creatures that have taken flight, soaring high and chasing their dreams. Overall, this film is an artistic masterpiece that empowers every viewer to take on their challenges and soar high, similar to the football legends captured in the film.

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