“Football’s Power Beyond the Pitch: Promoting Trade and Women’s Empowerment through WTO and FIFA Collaboration”


“Football’s Power Beyond the Pitch: Promoting Trade and Women’s Empowerment through WTO and FIFA Collaboration”

Football’s Power Beyond the Pitch: Promoting Trade and Women’s Empowerment through WTO and FIFA Collaboration

Football, also known as soccer, is the most popular sport in the world with over 4 billion fans. With such a massive following comes the potential for significant economic and social impact. Organizations like the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) have recognized this potential and have collaborated to harness the power of football for trade and women’s empowerment.

Trade and Football: A Winning Combination

Trade is critical to global economies, and sports, including football, are essential to national economies. Exports of football merchandise, goods, and services have a significant impact on certain countries’ economies. The WTO recognizes this impact and encourages collaboration between the football industry and the trading system to increase economic opportunities and growth.

Earlier this year, the WTO and FIFA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance their cooperation in promoting trade and sustainable development across the football industry. The collaboration aims to decrease trade barriers, create jobs, and encourage investment in the football industry worldwide.

Moreover, this will open up the possibility of supplying football-related products and services to international markets. The collaboration seeks to support national economies in further developing their football industry while also encouraging global economic prosperity through trade.

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Women’s Empowerment through Football

Football has a unique power to transcend cultural, linguistic, and other divides. Sports, specifically football, have had a significant impact on empowering women worldwide. FIFA recognizes this power and has set a goal to double women’s participation in football globally.

The WTO and FIFA also understand that using football to promote women’s empowerment will positively impact economic growth. Women’s empowerment and increased sports participation have been proven to contribute to economic development through increased productivity and economic growth.

Furthermore, increasing the representation of women in football will also work towards leveling the playing field for women in sports and society. FIFA has a Women’s Football Strategy that their collaboration with the WTO supports, with a goal of driving participation, leadership, and investment in women’s football worldwide.

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Football’s global popularity presents a significant opportunity to promote trade and women’s empowerment worldwide. The WTO and FIFA have collaborated to harness this potential by decreasing trade barriers, promoting investment in the football industry, and increasing women’s participation in football. Through this collaboration, entire countries can benefit from the football economy, and women’s increased involvement can improve economic growth while working towards leveling the playing field for women in sports. Football’s power goes beyond the pitch.

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