Possible Friendship: Walking Dead Stars Hint at Maggie and Negan’s Relationship

Possible Friendship: Walking Dead Stars Hint at Maggie and Negan
Possible Friendship: Walking Dead Stars Hint at Maggie and Negan

Possible Friendship: Walking Dead Stars Hint at Maggie and Negan’s Relationship



Since the beginning of ‘The Walking Dead’ series, fans have been eagerly waiting for the much-anticipated friendship between Maggie and Negan. And now, recent comments from the stars have hinted at their possible friendship. But with the long-standing feud between the two characters, is it really possible for them to become friends? Let’s find out.

Their Past Relationship

Maggie and Negan’s relationship began on a bitter note, with Negan brutally killing Maggie’s husband, Glenn, in the season 7 premiere. Since then, Maggie has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to avenge her husband’s death. Throughout the series, Maggie has always been a key figure in pursuing Negan and making him pay for his crimes.

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The Hint of Friendship

In a recent interview, Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, weighed in on the possibility of a friendship with Negan. She stated that “I find myself rooting for these healing moments throughout the whole series”. This statement sparked the curiosity of fans about the possible development of a friendship between the two characters.

On the other hand, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, also hinted at a possible friendship. In his response to the question about whether fans could expect a friendship between Maggie and Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan said: “You never know with this show, it’s always been about forging relationships.” This comment has raised more questions than answers.

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The Possibility of A Friendship

Although Maggie and Negan have had a history of a bitter relationship, their circumstances have changed from when they first met. With Maggie no longer pursuing Negan to seek revenge, and Negan now trying to help everyone, the two characters might develop a friendship after all.

With Maggie’s focus shifting from revenge to rebuilding Alexandria and Negan’s efforts in helping the communities rebuild, fans might see the two characters working together for the greater good. In fact, in recent episodes, Negan has shown remorse for his actions, and Maggie has felt the need to let go of her anger.

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It’s still uncertain whether Maggie and Negan will become friends, and fans can only speculate at this point. However, their recent statements give us hope that this could happen. With the show expanding its final season, fans are eagerly waiting to see what surprises the writers have in store for them.

In conclusion, it’s possible that Maggie and Negan will be friends in the future, and the hints from the stars of the show have only added to the excitement. Whether or not it happens, it’s sure to be a captivating development in the series. #ENTERTAINMENT

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