Rewriting Andy Cohen’s Title: Daughter Lucy is One of the Pioneering Gestational Surrogacies

Rewriting Andy Cohen
Rewriting Andy Cohen

Rewriting Andy Cohen’s Title: Daughter Lucy is One of the Pioneering Gestational Surrogacies

Rewriting Andy Cohen’s Title: Daughter Lucy is One of the Pioneering Gestational Surrogacies

Andy Cohen, the famous American talk show host, recently announced on his Instagram that he is a proud father to his son Benjamin Allen, who was born via surrogacy in 2019. He also revealed that his one-year-old daughter, Lucy, was born from the same surrogate, making her one of the first-ever gestational surrogacies. However, the title of the article announcing this news has caused controversy. Let’s rewrite the title and discuss why it matters.

Why the Original Title Misses the Mark

The original title of the article published by People Magazine reads, “Andy Cohen Says His 1-Year-Old Daughter, Whom He Welcomed Via Surrogate, Is ‘One of the Pioneering Gestational Surrogacies.'” Many people took issue with the use of the word “surrogacies,” which undermines the role of a surrogate in the process. Surrogacy is an act, while a surrogate is a human being who carries a baby to full term, which is why the term “gestational surrogate” should be used instead.

Proposed Title

A better title for the article would be, “Andy Cohen’s Daughter Lucy is a Pioneer of Gestational Surrogacy.” This title recognizes the significant role the surrogate played in bringing Lucy into the world and highlights how Andy Cohen’s story is a milestone in the development of surrogacy as an option for starting a family.

The Role of Surrogates

Gestational surrogacy has come a long way since its inception in the early 1980s. In a gestational surrogacy, a surrogate carries an embryo created by in vitro fertilization (IVF) using the intended parents’ or donors’ sperm and egg. The surrogate does not contribute any genetic material to the child but carries it with love and care for nine months before giving birth. The surrogate is a vital part of the journey towards starting a family for many individuals and couples, and it’s essential to acknowledge their role in the process.

The Progress of Surrogacy Legislation and Awareness

While surrogacy has gained acceptance in some parts of the world, it remains illegal in many countries, limiting options for people who want to become parents using surrogacy. Advocates are fighting for changes in the law to make surrogacy accessible to all who need it, regardless of their geographic location or financial means. Furthermore, the surrogacy community is actively raising awareness about the process and the experiences of surrogates and intended parents, breaking down barriers and stereotypes.


“For those who didn’t know, Andy Cohen’s daughter Lucy is one of the pioneers of gestational surrogacy. A better title for the article would emphasize the significance of surrogacy and respect the crucial role a surrogate plays in the process. Surrogacy has come a long way, but there is still much work to do to make it available and affordable for all who want to start a family using this method.”

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