“The All-Australian’s Decline: A Key Statistic Revealed”

"The All-Australian
"The All-Australian

“The All-Australian’s Decline: A Key Statistic Revealed”

The All-Australian’s Decline: A Key Statistic Revealed

The All-Australian award is one of the most prestigious achievements a player can receive in the Australian Football League (AFL). It is a recognition of the top performers in their respective positions over the course of the season. However, over the past decade, the number of players receiving this award has declined significantly. In this article, we will delve into the key statistic that has revealed this decline and discuss its implications for the AFL.

The Statistic

According to AFL.com.au, there has been a 32% decrease in the number of players named All-Australian from 2010 to 2019. In 2010, there were 40 players selected, while in 2019, only 27 players received the honor. The decline has been consistent over the years, with the 2018 and 2017 All-Australian teams featuring 31 and 28 players, respectively.

The Implications

The decline in the number of All-Australians has raised concerns about the quality of players in the AFL. Some experts argue that the decrease is due to a lack of depth in the league, preventing players from standing out as top performers in their positions. Additionally, the increasing number of injuries and player rotations may also contribute to the decline as it limits the chance for players to have breakout seasons.

On the other hand, some experts believe that the decline is not necessarily a bad thing. They argue that the All-Australian award is becoming more exclusive, highlighting the exceptional talents who truly deserve the recognition. Moreover, the AFL is still a highly competitive league, and players who do not receive this award can still have successful careers and contribute to their teams’ victories.

The Future

The AFL will need to keep an eye on this statistic and its implications for the future of the league. If the decline in All-Australian selections continues, it may indicate a larger problem within the league that needs to be addressed. However, if the decrease remains moderate and selective, it may add more prestige to the award and motivate players to strive for higher levels of performance.


In conclusion, the decline in the number of All-Australian players over the past decade is a key statistic that requires attention from the AFL. While some argue that it may indicate a problem in the league, others see it as a positive trend that adds more prestige to the award. Regardless, players will continue to strive for excellence, and the All-Australian award will remain a symbol of achievement and recognition for the top performers in the AFL.

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Summary: The number of players named All-Australian has declined by 32% from 2010 to 2019, raising concerns about the quality of players in the AFL. While some experts see the decline as a positive trend, the league will need to monitor the statistic to ensure its significance remains intact and a valuable recognition for top-performing players. #SPORT

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